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Best Bonuses & Promotions

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

T&Cs Apply

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €/$/£200 Unless otherwise stated. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

*New users only

100% Lucky Friday Bonus up to 100€

T&Cs Apply

The minimum deposit to activate this bonus is 1€, while the maximum bonus is capped at 100€ If the last account action was a withdrawal before a deposit, the bonus will not be credited Refunded bets do not count to bonus wagering All types of bonus are disabled for cryptocurrencies The offer cannot be used together with other bonuses For the purposes of wagering, the bonus is valid for only accumulator bets with at least 3 events having odds of 1,4 or higher The bonus must be be redeemed within 24 hour of crediting  

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100% First Deposit Bonus up to EUR 100

Looking to boost your sports betting bankroll? Check out the 22Bet Friday Reload Bonus, offering a 100% bonus up to 100 EUR for Live and Sports bets. With easy participation and a chance to win big, this bonus is worth considering. Just be sure to read the wagering requirements and restrictions.

T&Cs Apply

The bonus must be wagered in full within 24 hours of crediting The bonus cannot be used together with other bonuses The bonus can only be wagered on sports events  

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How do we rank the best betting sites at BetProInsider?

In the ever-expanding world of online sports betting, choosing the right betting site can be a daunting task. With countless options available, it’s crucial to identify the best sports betting sites that cater to your specific needs. At BetProInsider, we understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions. For the best selections the following criteria are considered.

  • Licensing and Regulation
  • User Experience
  • Range of Sports and Betting Markets
  • Competitive Odds and Betting Margins
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Payment Methods and Security

We elaborate further in each criteria on the betting sites page.

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Is sports betting legal worldwide?

The legality of sports betting varies from country to country. While it is legal in many jurisdictions, some countries have restrictions or bans on sports betting. It is important to research and understand the laws and regulations of your specific location before engaging in sports betting. Find all related legal betting sites information on BetProInsider.

Can I bet on sports online?

Yes, online sports betting is widely available in many countries where it is legal. Numerous licensed and reputable online sportsbooks offer a convenient platform for users to place bets on their favorite sports events.

How old do I have to be to participate in sports betting?

The minimum age requirement for sports betting varies depending on the jurisdiction. In most countries, the legal age to engage in sports betting ranges from 18 to 21 years old. It is essential to comply with the age restrictions set by your local laws and regulations.

What sports can I bet on?

Sportsbooks typically offer a wide range of sports to bet on, including popular options like football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and horse racing. Additionally, many sportsbooks provide markets for niche sports and events, allowing users to explore various betting opportunities.

How do sports betting odds work?

Sports betting odds represent the probability of a specific outcome occurring in a sporting event. Odds can be displayed in different formats, such as decimal, fractional, or American odds. Understanding how odds work is crucial for calculating potential winnings and making informed betting decisions.

Can I bet on live sports events?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live or in-play betting, allowing users to place bets on ongoing sports events. Live betting provides an exciting and interactive experience, enabling users to make bets while the action unfolds.

What is a point spread in sports betting?

A point spread is a popular form of betting where the sportsbook assigns a point handicap to the favorite team or deducts points from the underdog. This creates a more balanced betting opportunity, as bettors wager on whether the favorite will win by a margin greater than the point spread or if the underdog will lose by a smaller margin.

Can I bet on sports using my mobile phone?

Yes, many online sportsbooks offer mobile-friendly platforms or dedicated mobile apps, allowing users to place bets conveniently using their smartphones or tablets.

Are there any betting strategies I can use?

Various betting strategies exist, such as the Martingale system, Fibonacci sequence, and value betting. However, it is important to remember that sports betting outcomes are ultimately unpredictable, and there is no foolproof strategy. It is advisable to research and develop a betting approach that suits your own preferences and risk tolerance.

Are there any bonuses or promotions for sports betting?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotions to attract and retain customers. You can find a lot of these of offers on These can include welcome bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, loyalty programs, and special promotions tied to specific sporting events.