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18th October, 2023

Paris Saint-Germain W vs Manchester United. W6:00PM GMTYESWon
FC Rosengård vs ZFK Spartak.4:00PM GMTYESWon
VfL Wolfsburg vs Paris.4:45PM GMTNOWon
Vålerenga vs Real Madrid.5:30PM GMTYESLost
Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Bala Town.6:45PM GMTYESWon
80 WIN %
What is BTTS

A Comprehensive Exploration of Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of sports betting, the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market has risen to prominence, captivating the hearts and minds of bettors worldwide. BTTS, often referred to as GG/NG (which stands for “Both Teams to Score” and “No Goals/No Goals”), offers an exciting opportunity to wager on sporting events, introducing an additional layer of intrigue to the games and the potential for lucrative returns. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of BTTS betting. From its fundamental meaning and real-world examples in various sports to strategies, rules, the best betting sites, and a discussion of its pros and cons, we aim to equip both seasoned bettors and newcomers with the knowledge to make informed decisions when delving into the captivating world of BTTS.

What Does BTTS Mean?

BTTS, as an acronym for “Both Teams to Score,” is a popular sports betting market where participants predict whether both teams involved in a sporting event will score at least one goal or point each. It’s a market that transcends the boundaries of football, extending its allure to a diverse array of sports, including rugby, hockey, and even American football.

Both Teams to Score in Football

Football is the arena where BTTS reigns supreme, and it’s the embodiment of the market’s essence. In a hypothetical match between football giants like Liverpool and Manchester United, a “Yes” bet on BTTS emerges as a winner if both teams successfully find the back of the net. Conversely, if only one team or neither manages to score, the BTTS bet is declared a loss. To illustrate the exhilaration that this market offers, consider the 2019 UEFA Champions League final where Liverpool faced Tottenham Hotspur. In this high-stakes encounter, both teams found the net, thereby exemplifying the electric atmosphere of BTTS betting.

Both Teams to Score in Other Sports

While football takes center stage, BTTS has managed to transcend its origins and establish a presence in an array of other sports. To elucidate, let’s venture into the domain of rugby. Picture a Six Nations match between England and France. Here, a “Yes” bet on BTTS emerges triumphant if both teams manage to score tries (equivalent to touchdowns in American football). This serves as a compelling example of how rugby, too, has been imbued with the excitement that BTTS brings to the table.

How to Play BTTS

The mechanics of BTTS are straightforward, offering participants two fundamental options:

  • Yes (BTTS): By selecting this option, you are staking your prediction that both teams will score at least one goal or point during the sporting event.
  • No (No BTTS): On the other hand, if you opt for this alternative, you are effectively wagering that at least one of the teams will not score during the match.

BTTS Rules

The rules governing BTTS betting remain fairly consistent across sports and bookmakers. In a nutshell, if both teams manage to score, a “Yes” BTTS bet emerges as the victor. Conversely, if one or both teams fail to register a goal, the BTTS bet concludes as a loss. The inclusion of extra time and specific rules surrounding own goals, however, may vary between bookmakers, and it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the bookmaker you are using to ensure you fully comprehend how these factors influence your BTTS bets.

Both Teams to Score Betting Strategy

In the realm of sports betting, strategies play a pivotal role in shaping success. To bolster your prospects of triumph in BTTS betting, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Team Analysis: A robust foundation for successful BTTS betting lies in thorough team analysis. It involves dissecting the performances of the teams involved, taking into account both their offensive and defensive records. In your quest for promising BTTS opportunities, look for teams renowned for their potent attacks and perhaps leaky defenses. By identifying these elements, you can navigate the BTTS market more effectively.
  • Recent Form: An informed bettor is one who assesses the recent form of the teams in contention. Teams that are on scoring streaks or experiencing difficulties on the defensive end could be more likely to produce lucrative BTTS opportunities. Researching the recent performances of the teams you plan to bet on can provide invaluable insights into their current states and prospects in the BTTS market.
  • Head-to-Head Statistics: An exploration of the history of matches between the teams can be an illuminating exercise. It provides a historical perspective on their encounters, revealing patterns that may influence BTTS outcomes. If the teams in question have a track record of frequently producing BTTS results in their clashes, this can serve as a significant indicator of the likelihood of similar outcomes in future encounters.
  • Weather Conditions: The unpredictability of weather can introduce an element of uncertainty into the game. Rain, wind, and adverse weather conditions can have a substantial impact on how teams perform, potentially leading to unexpected outcomes. Thus, it’s advisable to consider how weather conditions might affect the match and subsequently influence your BTTS betting decisions.

Best Betting Sites with Good BTTS Odds

In the world of sports betting, securing the best odds is paramount to enhancing your potential returns. When it comes to BTTS betting, some bookmakers are renowned for consistently offering competitive odds. Here are a few noteworthy options:

Bookmaker Bet Code Total Odds
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___betprobetway  Nigeria –  Bet Now
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Pros and Cons of BTTS


  • Enhanced Entertainment: BTTS betting injects an additional layer of excitement into the game, regardless of whether it’s a closely contested match or one-sided affair. This market keeps you engaged in both teams’ performances, as a goal from either side can have a profound impact on the outcome of your bet.
  • Consistent Opportunities: The beauty of BTTS betting is its consistent availability across a wide array of football leagues and other sports. Regardless of the time of year or the specific sporting events taking place, there are always opportunities to explore.
  • Varied Betting Options: BTTS betting is not a one-size-fits-all market. Within the BTTS category, you can explore different sub-markets such as Both Teams to Score and Win, First Half BTTS, and many more. This diversity enables you to diversify your bets and potentially maximize your profits by catering to your preferences and risk tolerance.


  • Unpredictable Outcomes: While BTTS betting can be exhilarating, it also comes with the inherent unpredictability of sports. Results can be influenced by various factors, including form, injuries, weather, and referee decisions. Consequently, there is no foolproof strategy to guarantee success, and outcomes may defy even the most meticulous analysis.
  • Research and Analysis: Successful BTTS betting demands comprehensive research and analysis. Identifying the right opportunities requires a significant investment of time and effort to study team performance, assess form, and delve into head-to-head statistics. The necessity for diligence in research may deter some bettors.
  • Variability in Bookmaker Odds: Not all bookmakers offer the same odds and markets for BTTS betting. The disparities between bookmakers can be substantial, and selecting the right one to maximize your potential returns can be a challenging task.

When it comes to improving your BTTS betting strategies and gaining valuable insights, knowing where to find expert advice, tips, and predictions can be a game-changer. Here are some recommendations on where to access top-notch BTTS tips:

  • Sports Betting Websites – BetProInsider Tips: Many sports betting websites, including BetProInsider, offer a wealth of insights and tips tailored to various markets, including BTTS. These platforms provide expert analysis, statistical data, and well-researched predictions, making them a prime source to inform your BTTS betting decisions. BetProInsider, in particular, specializes in BTTS tips and can be a valuable resource for your betting journey.
  • Betting Forums: Online betting forums and communities create a space for bettors to share their knowledge, exchange insights, and discuss their experiences. Engaging with fellow bettors on these platforms can be a fruitful endeavor. You’ll have the opportunity to seek advice, learn from the collective wisdom of the community, and discover valuable BTTS tips from those who have a deep understanding of the market.
  • Social Media Groups: Social media platforms host an array of groups and pages dedicated to sports betting, including BTTS enthusiasts. Joining these groups on platforms like Facebook or Reddit can connect you with seasoned bettors who are keen to share their knowledge and offer tips not only for BTTS but also for other betting markets. The interactive nature of these groups allows you to engage in discussions and gain valuable insights.
  • Expert Tipsters: Following expert tipsters who specialize in BTTS markets can be an effective way to access reliable predictions and guidance. Many of these tipsters have a track record of success and provide regular updates on their recommended BTTS bets. You can find them on various platforms, including social media, websites, and dedicated tipping services. Their insights can complement your research and analysis, providing an additional layer of information to inform your betting choices.

While seeking out tips and predictions can be incredibly beneficial, it’s crucial to remember that they should be part of a well-rounded approach to BTTS betting. These expert recommendations should be used to enhance your own research and analysis, serving as valuable pieces of the puzzle rather than the sole basis for your betting decisions. Combining your insights with BTTS tips from reputable sources can lead to a more informed and potentially successful betting strategy.

Does BTTS Count in Extra Time?

The consideration of extra time in BTTS betting hinges on the rules of the specific bookmaker and the sporting event in question. To gain clarity on whether extra time is factored into your BTTS bet, it’s imperative to consult the terms and conditions of the bookmaker you are using. In football, for instance, some bookmakers include extra time, considering goals scored during this period in the BTTS market, while others do not. The inclusion or exclusion of extra time can significantly impact the outcome of your bet, making it an essential aspect to clarify.


Both Teams to Score (BTTS) betting is a captivating and

dynamic market that offers bettors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement of sporting events. While football takes center stage, the BTTS market extends its reach to an array of sports, providing a realm of opportunities for punters. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a novice, understanding the rules, implementing effective betting strategies, and seeking the best odds are crucial elements in elevating your BTTS betting experience. The key to success in this market lies in diligent research and staying well-informed, enabling you to make calculated decisions while reveling in the exhilaration of the game.

As you explore the world of BTTS betting, let the excitement unfold both on the field and within your wagers, keeping in mind that each bet is not merely a stake but an opportunity to engage with the beauty and unpredictability of sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does GG and NG mean in BTTS betting?

GG stands for “Both Teams to Score,” indicating that you are betting on both teams scoring at least one goal or point each.
NG stands for “No Goals/No Goals,” signifying that you are betting on at least one of the teams not scoring during the match.

Is BTTS betting limited to football only?

No, BTTS betting extends to various sports beyond football, making it a versatile market that caters to a broad spectrum of sporting events.

What happens if a match goes into extra time?

The treatment of extra time in BTTS betting can vary between bookmakers and sports. Some bookmakers include extra time in the BTTS market for football matches, considering goals scored during this period. Others may exclude it. Therefore, it’s essential to review the specific rules of the bookmaker to determine how extra time affects your BTTS bet.

Where can I find BTTS tips and predictions?

BTTS tips and predictions can be found on sports betting websites like BetProInsider, betting forums, social media groups dedicated to sports betting, and by following expert tipsters who specialize in BTTS markets. These sources offer valuable insights and recommendations to inform your betting decisions.

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