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Betway Review August 2023 | Bet Markets, Bet Odds & More

Betway, founded in 2006, is a reputable and popular sportsbook known worldwide for its wide range of sports events and market options. With millions of active customers and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Betway provides a safe and legal platform for sports enthusiasts to enjoy betting. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bettor, Betway offers a user-friendly interface and attractive odds, including special bets called Betway Boosts for even greater potential winnings.

Website: https://betway.com
Bonuses: Betway one game cut up to 100% Cashback Bonus, welcome bonus of up to 50%. 
Bet Types: Sports, Virtual
Customer Support: Live support, Email, Phone

  • Undoubtedly highly favourable odds.
  • Fast and prompt servicing of problems.
  • Huge welcome bonuses.
  • Prompt withdrawal systems.
  • Few bonuses.

Is Betway Safe and Legal to Use in 2023?

BetWay holds licences from several countries. These licences provide assurance to clients that the body will operate within set guidelines. These set guidelines bind the bookmaker to proper transaction protocols. The bookmaker holds licences of operation  from the gaming or gambling commissions of these countries: United Kingdom, Malta,  Ireland, Sweden, Spain and Germany to mention a few. The fact that these commissions have provided the licences to the bookmaker indicates that the bookmaker is credible and responsible enough to adhere to the gaming commission’s regulations. This guarantees a high degree of safety of investment and transaction with the bookmaker.

BetProInsider’s Verdict on Betway

Betway stands out as a leading gaming service provider with its user-friendly interface, seamless withdrawal transactions, and efficient customer support. Committed to regulatory compliance, Betway ensures trust and credibility. The appealing design facilitates easy access and navigation, while their lucrative odds and generous bonuses make them a top choice in the industry. Though occasional network issues may arise, Betway’s reliable team promptly addresses user concerns. While enjoying the exceptional gaming experience Betway offers, it is essential for users to exercise responsible gambling practices.

Betway Bonuses and Offers August 2023

In July, the bookmaker initiated a bonus scheme that returns a 50 % bonus on the first deposit. This offer goes for any amount deposited up to 200 cedis. This returns the pot earnings plus half of the initial amount. Here are some of the offers, bonuses and promotions the bookmaker offers.

  • Welcome bonus of 50% on first deposit on up to 200 cedis.
  • Multibet winnings booster of up to 500%
  • Scratch and win promotion of up to 10 million cedis.
BetWay Bonus Packages and Promotions

Image shows BetWay Bonus Packages and Promotions

Betway Welcome Bonus

BetWay Welcome Bonus

Image shows BetWay Welcome Bonus

On the first deposit, new players have the opportunity to receive a 50% bonus on their initial stake at Betway. To claim this bonus, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the bookmakers website.
  1. Click on the green “Sign Up” button on the top right of the homepage.
  1. Complete the registration page by filling in all the required information.
  1. Make a first deposit of up to 200 cedis.
  1. Place bets equal to 3x your deposit amount on odds of 3 or higher.
  1. Once you have fulfilled the playthrough requirements, your free bet will be credited to your account

It is important to note that this bonus only applies to first time users thus, clients already using the site cannot access this bonus.

If a user meets all these requirements, the bonus will be automatically added to their winnings. They can then withdraw this amount by accessing the withdrawal feature from the site or the mobile app.

Multibet winnings booster of up to 500%.

BetWay Promotion

Image shows BetWay Promotion

BetWay Promotion

Image shows BetWay Promotion

BetWay promotion boosts the multibet by a gradual percentage with respect to the number of bets on the multibet, the odds boost has a number of select games that offer odds higher than usual. The moneyback boost grants the user up to 20 times the bet if there are more than six legs to the multibet.

BetWay stands out in the industry with its enticing bonuses, competitive odds, and lucrative promotions, setting a high standard for its competitors. The bookmaker offers a comprehensive range of odds, providing users with a diverse and inclusive gaming experience. 

On the sports betting platform, BetWay offers practical access to a wide range of strategies, including over/under, handicap, and correct score options. This allows users to explore different betting strategies based on their preferences.

One of the exciting features offered by BetWay is the opportunity to claim free bets. Users can take advantage of this promotion by meeting specific criteria, such as signing up for the first time, referring a friend, or being a long-time user. With a free bet, users can place a wager without making a cash deposit. It’s important to note that the winnings from a free bet do not include the stake amount, offering users the chance to enjoy their winnings without deducting the original stake.

Additionally, BetWay provides promotional codes during specific seasons and promotions. These codes unlock various benefits for users, such as inflated bonuses in specific categories and general cash bonuses. By utilizing these promo codes, users can maximize their gaming experience on the BetWay platform.

Betway Welcome Bonus

BetWay Welcome Bonus

Image shows BetWay Welcome Bonus

BetWay adds half of the staked amount to the pot winnings of  a new user as a welcome bonus. To partake in this bonus is relatively simple. The system recognises a new user after the user has successfully signed up to the bookmaker. Stake a bet up to 200 cedis, after the playthrough, the  bonus will be credited to the total winnings. It should be noted that this bonus applies to every stake made within seven days of joining or being recognised as a new user.

The Betway Loyalty Program.

Each time the user  wagers on sports or play casino or bingo games,  they earn Tier Tokens and Plus Points.

Plus Points

Plus Points can be redeemed for extra credits, bonuses and Free Bets. You need to earn 5000 Plus Points before you can start spending them, but as you start climbing the tiers, you’ll start earning Bonus Points too, so your rewards really can add up quickly if you are a regular player.

Tier Tokens

The more Tier Tokens you earn, the higher your loyalty level, and the better the offers you will receive. At Blue, the entry-level tier, you will have access to guaranteed best odds, dedicated support and exclusive promotions. At Bronze level, you’ll start earning 10% Bonus Points every time you play. Once you reach Silver, you’ll start getting invitations to sports events, personalised offers, access to VIP events, and 25% Bonus Points. The highest tier, Black, will earn you a whopping 80% Bonus Points.

With this Tier Token and Plus Points system, BetWay manages to scale your rewards according to your loyalty, as well as giving you something back on your spend along the way.

Over and above the regular promotions, BetWay also runs a rewarding loyalty scheme. The bookmaker offers players Tier Tokens along with Plus Points every time you wager or play games. The tokens reflect your loyalty level and you can cash in your points for bonuses and more free bets.

BetProInsider’s Verdict on Betway’s Bonuses

BetWay offers an incredible array of benefits that are hard to ignore. With a welcome bonus that comes with no wagering requirements and a range of other promotions, users can truly feel like they’re getting great value for their money. These offers may seem too good to be true, but they present genuine opportunities for users to boost their bankrolls.

The seasonal promotions are particularly enticing, as they can allow users to earn money without risking their own funds in wagers. BetWay also implements innovative loyalty schemes through tier tokens and plus points, rewarding loyal clients. As users accumulate more points, they can unlock a multitude of benefits and even accelerate their progress towards higher tiers. It’s a never-ending cycle of rewards and advancement for dedicated BetWay users.

Betway Odds, Lines & Markets

BetWay odds, lines and market

An image showing BetWay odds, lines and market

BetWay has retained  popularity over the years due to the bookmaker’s ability to provide accurate and favourable odds. This is huge since it does not only cover the popular sports like football, basketball and the likes, but they cover an unimaginable number of sports. Combining the vast coverage of all sports and the serialisation of the odds, it leaves little to want.

 Like this is not enough, the bookmaker has a diverse number of betting lines that vary across their plethora of sports. These lines include

Moneyline: Moneyline odds are used in sports such as baseball, hockey, and soccer, where the outcome can be a win, loss, or tie. They indicate the amount of money that needs to be wagered on either team to win a certain amount. Positive (+) odds represent the underdog, while negative (-) odds represent the favourite.

Point Spread: Point spread betting is common in football and basketball. The point spread is a handicap given to the favourite team and a head start given to the underdog. Bettors can choose to wager on either team, with the favourite needing to win by more than the spread and the underdog needing to lose by fewer points or win outright.

Over/Under: Also known as the total, the over/under line represents the total combined score of both teams in a game. Bettors can wager on whether the final score will be over or under the specified line set by the sportsbook.

Futures: Futures betting lines involve predicting the outcome of an event that will happen in the future, such as the winner of a tournament or a season-long performance. The odds for futures bets can change over time as the event approaches.

It’s important to note that betting lines can vary between different sportsbooks, and they are adjusted based on factors such as team performance, injuries, and public betting patterns. It’s always a good idea to compare the lines at different sportsbooks to find the best value for your bets.

Aside from these lines, BetWay also gives users the option to bet on games as they are being played. This is the live betting option. While a user is engaged in the live betting, there are also a vast number of lines that the bettor can make use of. 

The bookmaker also has the option for casino games and E-games for users who are not particularly interested in the popular sports, or have tastes for the exotic sports. The casino runs games like cards. Spin The bottle, aviator and the like that the user can make use of to satisfy their tastes.

Betway Sports Options

BetWay offers markets for all of these sports:

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Motorsport
  • Futsal
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • American Football
  • Badminton

What Kind of Bets can I Place on BetWay.

The number of betting lines available for sport betting are given below as

Match Result (1X2)

Double Chance


Both Teams to Score (GG/NG)

  • 1st Goal
  • Draw No Bet
  • Handicap (1X2)
  • 1X2 and Overs/Unders
  • Last Goal
  • Which Team To Score
  • 1X2 & Both Teams To Score
  • 10 Minutes – 1X2 From 1 To 10
  • Odd/Even
  • Exact Goals
  • Halftime/Fulltime
  • Anytime Goalscorer

How to Place a Bet on Betway?

Due to the user friendly interface of the bookmaker;, it is simple to place a  bet. Here are the steps:

STEP 1 – Visit the bookmakers websites.

BetWay home Page

Image showing Betway home page

Enter the website address of the bookmaker into your web browser.

STEP 2 – Create an Account or Login

BetWay Sign Up Page

Image shows BetWay Sign Up Page

If this is your first time, click on the sign up button on the top right-hand corner of the page. Fill the pop-up form with all the required details. Agree to the terms and click register.

STEP 3– Deposit Funds

BetWay Deposit

Image shows BetWay Deposit Page

After logging in or signing up successfully, clock on the green deposit icon on the top right of the page. Select the method you prefer to use to top up your wallet.


BetWay Homepage

Image shows BetWay Homepage

When your deposit is completed, the amount would be reflected on the cash tab at the top right of the page. You can select any game market you may be interested in, take your time to explore the various lines and place your bets. After selecting your preferred bet, select  ‘place bet’ to lock in the wager and wait till the event is completed.

Betway Mobile App

BetWay understands the importance of mobile accessibility, providing options for mobile users to enjoy their gaming and gambling platform. The BetWay mobile app is a convenient way for users to access the platform, while those unable to download the app can still use the web app by logging in through their mobile browsers. Both options offer the same functionality, but the mobile app provides a more personalised experience.

Using the BetWay mobile app comes with several advantages. The interface is designed to be simple yet responsive, allowing users to access all the features available on the website. The app is also faster to access compared to the web app or mobile website, saving users valuable time. Additionally, the familiar interface of the app ensures that users who have already accessed the website will find it easy to navigate and use the mobile app.

BetWay Mobile App View
BetWay Mobile App View
BetWay Mobile App View

Image shows BetWay Mobile App View

The BetWay app is compatible with both IOS and android devices. Sadly, there are no apps for Windows, MAC operating systems or desktop and laptops.

Betpro Insider’s Verdict on the BetWay App.

In just over a decade, BetWay has established itself as a titan in the industry, competing directly with major competitors in the gaming industry. The company now has deep roots across the sporting industry, positioned to remain a trusted source of sports betting opportunities.

BetWay’s suite of mobile sports apps consists of a quick download and installation, requiring very little storage space on Android and IOS. Some apps jam their programs with unnecessary code . BetWay apps are completely streamlined, providing vital details through an outstanding interface.

The fact the that the BetWay Mobile app caters to all these needs while being;

1 Not only is the user interface appealing to the eyes, it is simple and practical for use. 

2 Similar to the web app making it usable for all users no matter which one they may be used to 

3 BetWay’s suite of mobile sports apps consists of a quick download and installation.

4 Requiring very little storage space on Android and iOS.

5 BetWay apps are completely streamlined, providing vital details through an outstanding interface.

All these points contribute to convincing us that even if this bookmaker is not the best in the industry, there are only a handful that can hold a candle to it and deliver on the same level.

Betway Sportsbook Live-Betting and Live- Streaming.

The BetWay has one of the most ingenious and intuitive live betting systems that is prompt and receptive. Its sportsbook interface is clear, simple and practical. This makes it easy for bettors to access and create wagers of their choice. The ability of the bookmaker to bring to their users the betting markets of all these diverse sports and provide them with the chance to create their own bets from a multitude of game lines and odds leaves nothing to be desired.

With a stable network connection, Betway has made it possible for their users to view sport events in real time as they happen. This feature is popularly known as the live-streaming feature.

Betway’s Sign-Up process.

For more elaborate Betway sign up step-by-step guide, click on this link to read.

Visit Betway’s website

Image shows Web browser homepage

Locate the Sign up Button

BetWay Login Page

Image shows BetWay Login page

When the page loads, select the green “Sign up” button from the topmost right hand corner of the page. You should see something like this:

Fill in Personal Details

BetWay Sign Up Form

Image shows BetWay Sign Up Form

After selecting the sign up option, fill the form that appears with all the required personal details and information.

READ MORE: Betway Registration Guide

BetWay Log In

Logging in to your account is as simple as the first step.

Visit the Bookmaker’s website:

Enter the URL into your web browser.

Image shows Web browser homepage

There should be two spaces for your phone number and your password.

Enter your phone number in the same space as the asterix(*) in the image below.

BetWay Login Form

BetWay Login Form

Image shows BetWay Login Form

BetWay’s Banking System.

Whether it is using the app or the website, the bookmaker has specific tools to aid clients to perform transactions easily. The following indicate the transactions and the different ways they can be done.

Deposit Methods

  • Deposit methods.
  • BetWay top up
  • AirtelTigo cash
  • Debit card 
  • Vodafone cash
  • BetWay MOMO multifund
  • Credit card
  • MTN mobile money
  • Betway USSD

There are no limits to the amount of funds you can deposit to the account but, BetWay gives users the choice to set their own limit to regulate the flow and to hinder improper use of money.

Withdrawals Methods

Withdrawal methods

MTN mobile money is the most prevalent means to withdraw funds from BetWay. Withdrawal can begin from 1 cedi and is capped off at 20000 cedis.

BetWay Customer Care and Services.

The most attractive feature that makes BetWay stand out from the competition is the bookmaker’s customer attention and care. Reach out here to lay your concerns.

Email: Support@betway.com.

Standard Rate Call: +233 54 431 5496

WhatsApp: +233 20 930 1418

Facebook: /BetwayGhana

Twitter: @Betway_GH

BetWay Customer Care and Services.

United Kingdom: Betway is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The licence number is 000-039372-R-319367-014.

Malta: Betway is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The licence number is MGA/B2C/130/2006.

Sweden: Betway is licensed and regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen). The licence number is 18Li7478

  • Address –  9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta
  • Headquarters-Malta

Conclusion and Overview of BetWay.

As one of the pioneers in sport betting and maintaining a crystal image in the industry for all this time, I believe the praise is well deserved. The bookmaker over the years had established a reputation not only as a trusted body in the industry but also as a bookmaker that has the capacity to adapt to a fast changing world.

Their respect for customer satisfaction makes it almost impossible to criticise them. This has manifested itself in a responsive and appealing sportsbook interface favoured by many users.

The number of ingenious ways that BetWay has come up with to reward new clients and users who already patronise their services is refreshing. It leaves users with the notion that the bookmaker really cares about the consumers of its services.

To sum it all up, there are a number of  bookmakers in the industry that provide services that cater to the needs of most of its clients. It has been rare to see a bookmaker that strategically caters to the needs of the vast majority of its clients. This is evident in the stellar track record it has engraved in the minds of its users world wide. This very deservingly has garnered the popularity and fame that is attributed to this bookmaker.

If online betting was any easier, the time is now with BetWay.


Is Betway sportsbook legal and where?

BetWay is safe to use as it abides by the gaming licence regulations it holds. It is legal for users above the ages of 18.

How to use a Betway free bet?

Free bets are often awarded as part of promotions or bonuses. Make sure you meet the qualifying criteria specified in the promotion or bonus terms to be eligible for the free bet.On your bet slip, you should see an option to use your free bet.

How to make a deposit and cash out at Betway?

After signing up or logging in, select the menu icon on the top left of the page. Select deposit and proceed with the means of your choice. Your account will be credited with the deposit amount once you have been successful.

Does Betway sportsbook have a mobile app?

Yes, BetWay has mobile apps and they are available for download on the google play store, AppStore and the bookmakers website.

What is the deposit limit?

There is no preset limit, but for personal regulations, a user can set their own deposit limit.

What is the withdrawal limit?

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn in a single sitting is 20 000.

How to change Betway password.

After logging in or signing up, select the menu icon on the top left of the page,under the “Account ” tab, select change password. Follow the prompts to change your password. For assistance or if facing any technical difficulty contact BetWay’s customer service.

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